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Garmin RV 1095, 10" RV Navigator

Updated: Jan 12

In world where everybody assumes that the navigational app on their phone is all they need to find a destination and the old days of dashboard GPS units are long gone, why buy one? Well, take a look at the new Garmin line of GPS products, the features are so advanced no phone app can even come close. Most states have enacted distracted driver laws that prohibit using your phone while driving, plus it isn't safe to take your eyes off the road to search a tiny phone screen while driving. Now, add in driving a larger RV and taking your eyes off the road for even a second or two can have deadly consequences, the great news is Garmin has the RV 1095 that gives you all the pertinent information you need on a large 10 inch screen. But the technology doesn't stop there, custom rig sizes and weight can be added to make sure you have the best route for your RV dimensions. Voice assist, wireless updates, live traffic & weather, and current fuel prices are just a few of the amazing features that are preloaded on the unit.

Take advantage of the preloaded directory of RV parks plus content from Ultimate Public Campgrounds, KOA campgrounds, a directory of National Parks, and PlanRV services.

From Garmin: "With RV 1095, you’ll travel with an extra-large display, custom routing for the size and weight of your rig plus vivid aerial views to help you with a smooth arrival at your RV park or campground."

Hit the road with the confidence only the biggest name in navigation can bring, get a Garmin and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.


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