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Camco's Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner

May 1st is the official (unofficial) start of the camping season here in the Midwest, most people will be opening their campers for the first time since last fall, over the next few weeks. Some of the basics to get a camper ready for the season is checking the water system, tires, and gas lines but it is also important to give the camper a once over to look at everything that requires any kind of maintenance. The rubber seals around the slide outs are always an important item to service at the beginning and also throughout the season to maintain a proper seal. Every single time the slides move against the seals they cause friction that could rip and damage the rubber, that could allow weather to penetrate the interior of the camper, which can lead to numerous other problems. Also, speaking from a personal frustration with a leaking camper that was delivered from the factory with several defects, the manufacturer will start out by saying it is up to the customer to maintain all seals as they attempt to deny any claim. Remove potential hassles and grab some Camco RV Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner so you can spend more time around the fire instead of the repair shop.

From the manufacturer:

“Camco's RV Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner helps shield and condition your RV's slide out seals. It prolongs the life of the seal by providing UV protection and decreasing friction when extending your slide out. This helps keep your slide out mechanisms move smoothly and freely. The foaming conditioner is compatible with all rubber seals and adjacent surfaces. It is safe for RV gaskets, window and door seals. It leaves a light, water-repellant film that resists corrosion-causing moisture. This specially formulated product does not contain any chlorinated or fluorinated solvents (CFCs) and meets current California VOC requirements. Size: 16 oz. Made proudly in the USA.”

As always, go to and order some from us. If you are local, camping local, or planning on coming to the area we offer same day deliveries Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Click here for POPULAR SAME DAY DELIVERY ITEMS and it will get you the page on our website that has plenty of items that you might need and everything on the page is available for delivery.


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