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Flambeau Flote-Rite Trolling Bait Bucket

Once you buy the perfect fishing pole and finally find the tacklebox that was made for you and your style of fishing, you might think that's it, lets hit the lake. In reality, there's a myriad of accessory products out there to assist you on the perfect trip or just sitting on the dock. Fishing has so many different components, salt or fresh water? Land, kayak, or boat? Trolling, drifting, or anchor? Our goal is to always have the tackle and accessories that cover as many different types of fishing as possible so more time is spent looking at the rod tip and less is standing in a store aisle. Here at TAAP Outdoors, we are a slight downhill walk to the beautiful Vermilion River and just a few minutes drive from Lake Erie so we tend to focus on freshwater fishing but the website does have plenty of other options for all you salt water anglers. No matter where you're at, getting and keep fresh bait is key to a successful day.

The Flambeau Flote-Rite Trolling Bait Bucket is a great tool to add to the list of helpful tackle. From the manufacturer "The Flote Rite Trolling Bait Bucket has a large 8 quart capacity with molded in pontoons for stability while trolling and floats upright when not moving. The light green color helps protect your bait from the sun and heating up your bait. The reinforced handle sides are for structure and keeping your handle straight while trolling (no flexing). The handle has a hole in the top for securing your bucket to your boat with a rope, the handle also collapses down to save space. On the front is an automatically locking door that shuts with an easy one finger closing action feature, just push the tab in and the door shuts and locks to prevent bait from escaping."

If you're looking for a solid bait bucket, stop in or head to the website,, and get one ordered.


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