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Coghlan's 2060 Hatchet

If you spend a lot of time camping, you'll come to the realization that there's some tools you can't live without. I found that a small hatchet/axe is one of them regardless if it's primitive or in a high-end RV. If you are setting up and getting the site just right for your stay, you will always reach for the hatchet to clear small branches, pound in stakes, and the obvious wood splitting. Sure, a full size axe is needed for real wood splitting when you're trying to make that perfect smores fire but it is unwieldly when it comes to making kindling to get things started.

There's a seemingly endless stream of manufacturers out there which can overwhelm you when it comes to making the purchase. The average camping trip has a lot of moving parts so my thought is keep it simple, make sure you have the best tools for the price. Hatchets are a perfect example of necessity versus cost, the che

apest is no better than the most expensive. We have some different variations in the store and are always looking for more options, the Coghlan 2060 currently leads the pack in what I've just described.

From the manufacturer: "A staple for every camping toolkit, this rugged steel Hatchet is a great tool for many tasks at the campsite, or in the backyard. Full-tang construction and rubber-ized grips reduce the impact on hands and wrists while striking, making this Hatchet as comfortable as it is handy." Grab one today and hit the campsite to give it a try.


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