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Same Day Deliveries Info

Here along the Lake Erie shore we have a lot of fun outdoors activities like the obvious, fishing and boating, but we also have a huge number of campgrounds. I know most campgrounds are somewhat close to stores and amenities, I also know that it is a huge pain to get everything set up and then have to jump back into your vehicle to find a store that has what you need. That is where the same day deliveries idea came from, you can start your vacation and leave the forgotten items to us. No, we aren’t a ride service that will pick up your food or stop at different stores, we are a sporting goods store that carries the essentials. All RVs need certain staples like tank chemicals and tank friendly toilet paper, we have those staples and much more. Firewood, ice, propane exchange, and even tent accessories are still just scratching the surface with our ever expanding inventory.

Think about getting to a new unfamiliar campground and then realizing they have a pond or other fishing access, you can head over to and grab some inexpensive fishing poles, bait, ice, and even a cooler without ever leaving your campfire. If you need propane, throw in some bug repellents and maybe even a survival book, order it all by 10AM and get it the same day for just $3.99. Add as much or as little as you want for the $3.99 delivery fee, you just have to hit the $15.00 minimum. Almost every product on the website is available for delivery even though we are targeting campgrounds, registered customers can also have deliveries made to their homes. If you are local registered customer and don’t need the product same day, regular shipping rules/fees apply and we will get it to you (generally) within 48 hours. If you are planning ahead and want to order a product that isn’t in-store, make sure you allow for up to 10 business days and we will bring it to your campsite under the normal delivery rules/fees.

To recap the pilot program as it sits a couple weeks before going live. Here is a generic map that shows the approximate same day delivery area.

It mostly consists of the area between Vermilion and Port Clinton up to about 20 miles south of the lake, it’s a large area with a lot of campgrounds so it may change as we get things going. You have to hit a minimum of $15.00 to qualify for same day delivery, there will be a small $3.99 charge per order, and you have to get the order in by 10AM. Obviously, if you get in late on a Wednesday evening and put in a qualifying order, go ahead and click same day so you are guaranteed delivery the next afternoon. The pilot program will start April 18th and same day deliveries will be available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday throughout the summer season.

If you are still here, thank you, and lets have a great Spring/Summer 2024.  

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