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March 2023

I wanted to start out by talking about how nice the early spring weather is and how much I enjoy the warmer days....but....we are in northern Ohio and it's snowing. Other than the current cold snap, the days are getting longer and there is no missing how warm that sun does feel when it pops out here and there. Spring is coming and I truly can't wait.

That being said, I want to thank all of our loyal customers for stopping in and all of those customers purchasing online. TAAP Outdoors opened around this time in 2016 and nobody could have imagined what happened to the world with the pandemic hysteria three years ago, also around this time of year. It's like the world was put on pause and then fast-forwarded until now. When you would ask our older generation that lived through the depression and WWII why they did things a certain way or didn't believe in banks, it was a learned response from real life situations. Living through a global pandemic WITH social media had major life altering lessons, I think every single person on the planet has made changes due to what we all just went through. Many businesses didn't make it, most that did are still struggling but the lessons learned will make all of us stronger. Again, thank you to all that continue to use TAAP Outdoors for all your outdoors needs.

All of you that have stopped in will notice the construction/renovations, there's also a lot going on behind the scenes that most of you won't know about.

If it's something important or cool it will be laid out in future blogs. The business and the way things are run here will change as 2023 plays out but the future is bright.


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