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UST SaberCut Field Saw 5.5"

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

The SaberCut Field saw is a great tool for hunters, campers, or hikers.

The reinforced TPR handle provides a secure grip in all weather conditions. The stainless steel blade is rust resistant and has a black-oxide finish that holds an edge. The blade is a sizable 5.5 inches long and easily folds for storage in the protective sheath that comes with the saw. This model has been discontinued so grab one while you can, the store only has a small amount left.

From the manufacturer: "The UST SaberCut™ Field Saw is a strong, sturdy saw - just right for getting the job done. The U.S.T. Saber Cut Saw is an essential piece of survival gear. This rugged, compact, light-weight saw makes short order of branches, small logs, and brush. The comfortable, non-slip handle help to cut deep and true on every pull stroke. If you need some sawing done, turn to the UST Saber Cut Saw."

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