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Kritter's Northcountry Campground & Cabins

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Once you hit Yooper territory, the beautiful wilderness literally engulfs you, this isn’t open prairie. The roads are cut through the woods and it’s almost like travelling back in time to an untouched part of America. Cell phone service is spotty at best and if you hit an animal it’s probably as big as your car so stay alert.

Heading west on M28 you’ll eventually see “civilization” again, you know, McDonalds and a hotel. Turn north and head through the town of Newberry. If you need some supplies there’s an IGA right before you leave town, you’ll see the Tahquamenon Logging Museum crossing the Tahquamenon River and then arrive at Kritter's Northcountry Campground & Cabins. I know, that’s a lot of lead up to the Campground Review but these are my first reviews and I’m leading with my heart so it is what it is.

Kritter’s is right off the main highway M-123, a few miles north of Newberry, MI. The entire ride from the bridge is suitable for any size rig up to buses and all sizes can easily get into the campground. I haven’t tried it from the west but I assume it is fine since the main roads generally traverse the entire UP. This location has always worked for me because it is centrally located in the eastern UP with easy access to some great destinations.

Kritter’s is set up in a large circular pattern that makes most of the sites pull through. They have primitive tent sites all the up to 50-amp full hook ups. I had no problem getting a 40’ fifth-wheel in, and then making a move one of the times (bring your mom to camp and she’ll ask for a different site) but there was no issue working with the owners or physically changing sites AFTER setting up. The sites and pads are grass but level, there’s no problems with any camper using jacks to even out low spots. Be mindful of the time of year you are visiting, the summer gets warm during the days and cools right down after the sun sets and the rest of the time it’s chilly all day. Again, not a luxury RV park where they won’t let older models in, this is in the UP and everybody is welcome. The campground has a pet walking area, playground, showers, and laundry that covers all your needs for the stay. A trail around the outer edges of the park is a nice warm up to your day of exploring. I’ve stayed there many times over the years and I haven’t had a bad experience yet, the facilities are clean and usable so no complaints.

I’ll start get into more details and using PROS and CONS after this one, these will evolve over time as I get back out on the road, writing these close to real time. I wanted to get a couple on the new website and also talk about the places I enjoy before I might have to actually say something negative.


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