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Garmin epix Pro (Gen2)

The epix Pro (Gen 2) – Standard Edition 47 mm, Slate Gray w/Black Band coupled with the Index S2 Smart Scale is a great way to track your fitness progress.

Plus, you can keep track of all kinds of outdoors activities. Using the premium version of the myfitnesspal app integrates seamlessly with Garmin's Connect app to have every aspect of your fitness routines and goals in an easy to read layout. The epix Pro is loaded with features and is almost endlessly customizable to suit your exact needs. Believe me, the built in flashlight is definitely a perk that you never knew you needed, with two quick taps you have a light where you need it and your hands free for whatever task you take on. The customizable face lets you add or delete specific information, change colors, and much more. The preloaded workouts let you easily scroll to and track what you're doing at specific machines around the gym or multiple outside activities. The battery life of 16 days on a full charge means you don't have to worry about plugging it in nightly or even weekly, we found it is a true 16-17 days after the first couple months of daily use.

As with any fitness routine, wearables are the biggest part but definitely not the only tool to get the broadest picture of progress, the Index S2 Smart scale brings a lot of crucial information into the mix. The ability to track your weight, weight trend, body mass index, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, bone mass, and body water percentage all in one place will keep you on track no matter what your fitness goals are.


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