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February 2023 News

This new site design has some great features but also needed to be offline to get things started so we decided to go live with just a few of the features ready. As always, this website will have the most up to date retail hours, which is one of the reasons to go live before bringing everything online.

In other news, you don't have to be a meteorologist to see how the weather is changing as we get closer to spring. The days are longer and the warmth of the sun is unmistakable this time of year. The folks hitting the Vermilion river to get some early fishing in are coming around almost daily now. The park next door, Schoepfle Gardens, has more and more people stopping in to walk the trails. As this up date is being written, the Super bowl just happened and now baseball spring training is starting plus the Daytona 500 is this weekend. If it sounds like I get a little excited about this time of year, it is because I do, for more reasons than I just stated. Usually all of us in northern Ohio would still be looking at snow piles but this mild winter can't come back to get us now, sure we might get another snow but it will be short-lived. Spring always means nature being reborn to me, all the ugly pale colors are about to give way to green grass and unbelievably blue skies that we are so blessed with here. Yes, it is a great time of year and I can't help but be excited about the new year.

That's about it for this one, nice and short is the way to go today. Give us some time and watch this website start to fill in with some new products and blogs. We kept the Instagram page up and started posting more after getting some guidelines on what is acceptable, oddly it appears we can't post prices so I guess you'll have to check here or on the retail website to see the deals. We are also taking a stab at Twitter again, same rules so far but another outlet to let people see what we have to offer.


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